Pumpkins au gratin

Ingredients (for 10 portions)

  • Olympia Pumpkins– two jars of 720 g, drained, rinsed, peeled, seedless and cut into cubes
  • 5 eggs
  • Romanian Pressed Cheese – 200 g, scraped
  • Sour Cream- 200 g
  • Milk -1 liter
  • Butter  -200 g
  • Flour – 150 g
  • Fresh dill – 1 pack of fresh dills, Rinsed, cleaned and cut
  • Salt to salt


The flour dissolved in 100 ml milk is smoldered with 175g butter. Add the rest of milk and boil for about 10 minutes mixing continuously in order to avoid lumps. Remove the pot from heat and add the eggs, the salt, the pumpkins, the fresh dill, the sour cream and half of the quantity of scraped Romanian pressed cheese and mix all together. Grease a baking pan with butter and place the pumpkin composition, strew over scraped Romanian pressed cheese and put the pan into the oven au gratin.

How to serve

Serve the dish at once, while still warm.

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