1952 - 1974

CONTEC (formerly I.P.I.L.F. Tecuci) was built between 1952-1956, modernized in 1974 (with the agrarian sector), then rebuilt continuously (by assembling new technological lines) and is the largest factory in Romania.



The production started in 1998 in the factory from Ghidici, Dolj County. In this location, we processed vegetables (cucumbers and bell-peppers), jams and fruit compotes.


In 2000 we opened the second production unit in Scornicesti where the main products were tomato paste and other products derived from the tomato paste (concentrated sauce, tomato sauce).


In 2001 the factory from Scornicesti was closed and the production lines moved to 1 decembrie 1918 in the old center Comaico. By the end of 2001, the whole range of products (the vegetables, fruit as well as the tomato paste and its derived products) were assimilated by the factory from 1 decembrie 1918 thus closing the production capacity from Ghidici too.


Our aim for a modern production place in a well-known vegetable area, the six years of experience and the consumers’interest in the Olympia brand, all led to the purchase of the factory of canned fruit and vegetables from Contec-Tecuci in 2004.


For a whole year, the production places from Tecuci have been rearranged and modernized. Still, in 2005 the whole capacity of production was moved to a new location. This was the rebirth moment of Contect Foods who became in the next two years the largest producer of canned vegetables and fruit in Romania.


In 2006 due to the new investments made, Contec Foods gets the IFS (International Food Standard) accreditation, certification observing the audit and certification procedures of TUV NORD CERT. 

Contec Foods is one of the largest fruit and vegetable canneries in Romania and the most important employer in Tecuci with about 400 employees.

Contec Foods resources:

  • Surface – 172.462 m2
  • Area covered – 60.000 m2
  • Employees- 500
  • Deposit – 13.717 m2

At present, Contec Foods makes over 150 products under different brands: Olympia and Winmark, brands owned by Contec and Aro, Clever, Tip, Rio Bucovina, Grande Familia, Master Fresh, Giani, Golden Line, brands conceived for different associates.

The distribution of the brands owned by Contec Foods: Olympia si Winmark is made both by all Key Account Channels and by local distributors at national level. During the last year, we have given a special attention to export. Our effort was successful and we succeded in having customers from Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, England, France and Russia.

The investments made in re-engineering, re-arrangement, opening of new production lines and last but not least the investments in the qualification and training of the staff will continue for the future, all aiming at satisfying our clients’ needs and at developing continuously the quality standards.